Truck Accident Compensation


How Can I Make A Truck Accident Compensation Claim In QLD?

Across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Queensland, before making a Truck accident compensation claim, it’s important to gather evidence on which to build your case and this will determine if you can make a claim.

Firstly if you’ve been hurt, make sure you seek medical treatment – and keep an official record of what has happened to you as this will make facts easier to verify during legal proceedings. Secondly, contact us and share your evidence, and we can help advise you through your Truck claim, and assess your claim at no cost.

Strict time limits apply to all Truck accident compensation claims in Queensland, and these time limits can vary depending on your case’s circumstances.

How Much Compensation Can I Get For My Truck Accident Claim?

We can’t accurately estimate the damages you’re entitled to without reviewing your case (which again is free).

So the best way to determine your claim is to quickly speak with us and we can help advise more.

However, the following factors can influence compensation amounts:

  • The types of injuries you’ve sustained
  • The monetary impact of out-of-pocket expenses
  • Whether you’ve lost any income as a direct result of the accident
  • Any pain and suffering you’ve endured (physical or psychological)

Our No Win No Fee Guarantee Will Pay For All Outlays And Associated Claim Expenses

You have nothing to lose with our no win no fee guarantee as we take on your case and pay for all outlays and associated claim expenses, getting you access to the help you need quickly.

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