Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim



How Can I Make A Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim?

In Brisbane, The Gold Coast or anywhere in Queensland, unless you were the only party at fault for an accident, you will be eligible to make a claim to recover at least some of the costs associated with your motorbike accident. You must be able to show that the accident was caused by or contributed to by another party.

If you can do that, the you can make a claim against the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer of the vehicle that was involved in the accident.

Under Queensland law, accidents that result in a party must be reported to the police, so this is a necessary step to take before lodging your claim.


How Long Do I Have To Make A Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim?

Time limits can vary, but please note there are also strict time limits that apply to making a claim, so it is important to be aware of those and seek legal advice as soon as possible after the incident.

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How Much Compensation Am I Entitled To For My Motorbike Accident?

The amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend entirely on the extent of your injuries and the costs associated with your treatment and recovery.

We can help you get a rough idea via our free claim assessment process. Just call or fill in the form.

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