No Win No Fee Guarantee

If You Don’t Win My Claim, What Fees Do I pay?

Our no win no fee guarantee will provide you with easy access to first class legal representation, and you won’t have to pay any fees upfront.

If we somehow were to not win your compensation claim, then you won’t pay any fees at all.

Who Will Pay All My Medical Outlays And Other Associated Expenses?

We will.

So you can get back to being you after an accident, we pay all your medical bills and other expenses. It can help financially if you are off work or help you cope until your claim is settled.

How Much Will I get From My Compensation Claim?

Our fees are based on the amount of work we have to do, so we can never be specific. Looking back on previous files though, generally our fees seem to average approximately 25-35% of the settlement amount.

In Queensland, claimants are protected by the “50/50 rule”, which means you will always get at least half of the net settlement amount (ie. gross amount less disbursements and refunds).

The ’50/50 rule’ is there to be fair, so that you are not left with just fees.

Ask Us Any Questions About Our No Win No Fee Guarantee


We’re here to help and asking us about your claim costs nothing. Call 1800 958 498 today or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you.


Top image by Japheth Mast