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We understand that the world of compensation claims can at times seem confusing and intense. The last thing you want to have to deal with after suffering an injury is deciphering legal jargon and law processes that don’t make sense.

At TPIL, we believe in taking the stress away from our clients. Our professionals will provide you with guidance from start to finish of your compensation claim, and answer any questions or enquiries that you may have. We pride ourselves on our:

✔ Empathy - we put our clients' needs first and work to make this process as stress free as possible. You’ll truly be heard by our team.
✔ Professionalism - we don’t take shortcuts during the claims process. You’ll always receive the best legal advice and services.
✔ Communication - we keep you informed along the way and are always available to answer our clients queries and concerns.
✔ Expertise - we have law experience spanning forty years. Our team is specialised in compensation for motor vehicle and workplace accidents.
✔ Accreditation - we are Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialists.

For more information on our team, please visit our about us page or speak with one of our lawyers directly. We are always here to provide you with answers to your questions.

For your ease, we have collected the most commonly asked questions we receive around accidents and personal injury compensation claims across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Queensland and provided answers below. Don't see your question? Search our site or simply contact us today and we'll be glad to answer it for you.

How much compensation would I get for my accident?

Calculating how much compensation you may receive for your accident strongly depends upon your personal circumstances. We explain all the key factors to help you. Firstly let's see if you…

No win no fee guarantee

Our no win no fee guarantee will provide you with easy access to first class legal representation, and you won’t have to pay any fees upfront. If we somehow were…

What are heads of damages in a claim?

Heads of damages are a number of elements in a compensation claim that the Court awards a monetary amount towards. We explain more...

Case studies

To help you understand the value in bringing a compensation claim we've provided real compensation case studies to benchmark your claim against.

I have been rear-ended, can I claim compensation?

Have you been rear-ended or hit from behind in a car or motor vehicle accident in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Queensland? We may be able to help...

What is the time limit in Queensland to claim for accident compensation?

Strict time limits apply to all Motor/Work personal injury claims in Queensland. These can affect the outcome of your claim. Get in touch right away to protect your claim...

How is past and future economic loss calculated?

You may be entitled to claim past and future economic loss in your claim for motor vehicle or work injury compensation. Learn how it’s calculated...

How can I claim compensation after a motor vehicle or work accident?

Unsure how to claim injury compensation for a motor vehicle or workplace accident? Find out the steps to take after suffering injuries in an accident in this helpful FAQ...

How much compensation can I claim for a whiplash injury?

Whiplash is a serious neck and soft tissue injury common with rear-end and hit-from-behind motor vehicle accidents. Read about whiplash compensation in this FAQ...

Can I go back to work after an injury, will this hurt my claim?

Many workers worry about returning to work after making a work injury claim. Gain a better understanding of your options in this workers compensation FAQ...

How much compensation would I get for my workcover claim in QLD?

Calculating how much compensation you may receive for your accident strongly depends upon your personal circumstances. We explain all the key factors to help you. Firstly let's see if you…

How does TPD insurance work in super?

If you're unable to work due to an illness or injury, you could be eligible to make a TPD insurance claim through your superannuation fund. We can help...

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We have over three decades of experience with accident compensation claims in Brisbane, Gold Coast & all over Queensland. Please note we can only assist with claims that happened in Queensland. You're welcome to contact us or talk to a lawyer today on 1800 958 498 to discuss your Brisbane, Gold Coast or QLD work accident or Motor accident compensation claim.